What is authentic content?

There’s a gargantuan amount of information out there that has literally managed to expand the marketplace of ideas and educational content, bringing value to readers and revolutionising how we think.

But the same time, it has introduced new challenges — to companies, individuals, and to content itself.

Because of the overwhelming amount of content that is being constantly produced and the multitude of products being launched at the speed of light, many of us find it almost impossible to sift through the noise and read authentic content we can connect with.

The reality is that for many marketers, writers and companies,  it’s becoming more difficult to create authentic content that stands out.

Today, publishing valuable content should the baseline.

But what makes valuable content, really?

Valuable is not just the quality of the writing itself, but also the strength of the ideas, how they are defined and framed, the way knowledge is curated and distilled, and the type of experiences readers can relate to.

At GrowthTalk, we believe in the power of knowledge and think that knowledge-sharing should be as resilient as water flowing.

Knowledge deserves to be shared. Implicitly, valuable content deserves more time and effort spent writing, researching and asking the right questions.

We believe that through our curiosity and hunger for knowledge, we can ask the right questions to curate stories from individuals just like us, who are passionate about their work, who value ideas but don’t quite have the time to put them on a canvas.

With this in mind, we are taking the pledge to connect with you by sharing authentic content written with clear editorial principles that revolve around purpose, not being afraid to share bold ideas and finally, taking the time to reach out to the community at large.

We want to inspire and drive change through content that matters hence we will anchor our work on these principles:

1.Writing with purpose

2. Engaging the community with authentic, bullshit-free content

3. Not being afraid to share bold ideas and experiences

4. Always informing, educating, inspiring, and solving problems

We are excited to work with peers from the tech space on informative pieces that will help readers delve in a world of ideas, develop goals, create plans, make decisions, and feel that they’ve learned something new and valuable.

We will always focus on knowledge, recycling and repurposing it, and turning it in a seamless experience.

We believe in zero-waste knowledge – join the fun!

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